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New Burgers!

VIPS got new burgers on the daily menu!
Our menu changes every week, offering a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Also, we are adding 6 new burgers. You will be able to choose a different one every day. Let yourself be surprised by the mix of ingredients and flavors, goat cheese, bacon, pepperoni, guacamole... and many others. Ask our waiters which one it is.
Come and try them and let yourself be surprised!

Discover our new Autumn-Winter Giorno where daily tastes extraordinary.

This autumn comes with a new Autumn-Winter Menu full of delicious fresh made dishes that you're going to love. We have new delicious Italian pasta recipes such as the new Tagliatelle integrale zucchini or the spectacular Linguine Mare e Monte “Especialidad del chef”. New fine and crunchy pizzas such as the Salmon and Avocado pizza or the crunchy and tasty Pizza Salchicha al Barbecue. You can also personalise your meat or fish dish by selecting the accompaniment that suits you best from our fresh linguine pasta, our new stone.

Take us always with you!

This season comes with fantastic new features in our merchandising.

Help us protect the environment and reduce single-use packaging with our Starbucks products.
If you bring your own thermos, mug or reusable cup to Starbucks, we'll deduct £0.40 from your drink!

We have many more models for you to find the one that fits you best.
Find them all at your favorite Starbucks store!

Chicken Chimichanga

Fridays' most famous dishes are back for a limited time! Meet the dishes that marked a before and after in the history of Fridays.

Tex-Mex Paradise: a chicken and cheese burrito grilled in the oven. We serve it with rice, chorizo, chili con carne and beans, and you can't miss the Mexican classics! Guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.